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Home Inspector Recommendations


One of the most important decisions in your home purchase is the choice of quality home inspector. A home inspector should be knowledgeable, methodical and provide a quality digital report with pictures.  Often one does not realize they had a bad inspector, until it is time to sell and numerous or major defects are found that should have been caught on the purchase. I have been through hundreds of inspections and many inspectors who were not thorough & knowledgeable. I recommend the following inspectors in no particular order.


1.Marc Wiggins –Keystone Home Inspections- mwiggins@mindspring.com  770-951-2476


2.Keith Cook-House Smart Inspections- www.housesmartinspect.com 770-988-9929


3.Bill Garwood-Ediface Inspections- www.edificeinspections.com -770-594-2222

4.Russell Spornburgerwww.ddhomeinspections.com  404-202-5363


I am recommending these particular inspectors and not the all the inspectors at these companies. You should interview several inspectors regarding their availability, price, background, and experience before a decision is made